Our Ethos

Juventas believes that the establishment of core values, from the onset, is essential. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community. The foundation of these values is the cornerstone of our community. We believe in safeguarding our children in our community is paramount. We will hold each other accountable and support one another to live our values. We will aim to ensure that attachment understanding is embedded throughout our community, and we will promote children’s recovery from developmental trauma, through positive relationships, respect, empathy and understanding.


Our people are our greatest assets. We aim to attract, nurture, and retain the best people to achieve the best outcomes. We recognise hard work, outstanding conduct and a commitment to meaningful professionalism that is aligned to our values and objectives.


We support the advanced development of our people and services, which means that we willinvest heavily in our staff. Core training and selected development opportunities give people the knowledge and skills they require to excel.

1. People, Quality, Equality and Inclusion

We support our young people and staff to have the best quality of life and work.

2. Motivation, Self Reflection and Listening

Everyone plays a part in development and design of the organisation.

3. Empowerment, Innovation and Ownership

Our teams and young people feel well developed, valued and able to flourish.

4. Reliability, Integrity and Compassion

We are respectful of each other and role models for young people.