Juventas Floating Support services caters for up to 45 young people aged 16-18 who are seeking asylum in the UK. Set across the small Norfolk city of Norwich the service has a variety of accommodation to suit young people who have travelled far and who are seeking safety and independence. 

From suburban homes to flat shares the young people are encouraged to live together respectfully and peacefully and to take small achievable steps to reach their goals. Juventas homes are of a high standard and we encourage the young people to take pride in the homes in which they are living as they approach adulthood. 

A busy and energetic staff team support the young people to gain living skills and acclimatise to a different culture and way of life. Excellent working rapports with staff help guide the young people to make tough but positive life choices. There are often lots of success stories to share when the young people make their next steps as adults into the world once they turn 18.