Safeguarding Statement

Our aim is to ensure every child in our home is kept safe and protected from harm or potential harm.

Safeguarding and maintaining the welfare of children is paramount. Everyone who works with children has a responsibility for keeping them safe. Juventas Services are fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of any child who uses our services. This means we will not compromise our commitment to protecting children from potential or actual harm. This expectation is the primary duty of all staff and this is managed in partnership with other agencies.

This means:

  • Individual staff must understand that they cannot singularly – one their own – meet the complex needs of our children. They must work together to ensure that are children are safe from harm;
  • In order that organisations and practitioners collaborate effectively, it is vital that every individual working with children and families is aware of the role that they play and the role of other professionals;
  • Staff must be clear that effective safeguarding systems are child-centred. We have a clear legal duty to take the views, wishes and feelings of children placed in the home into account, particularly in relation to matters affecting their care, welfare and their lives.

Children have a right to be respected, their views heard and to have stable relationships with staff that are built on trust.