We will consider all referrals and work alongside our partners to ensure a smooth transition for all the children and young people coming into our care. We offer a wide range of bespoke packages to support the individual needs of the child or young person. Within our organisational development plan, we will work alongside our commissioning partners to identify bespoke or specialist homes that can provide the right care and support within a personalised and individual package of care.

Matching Process      

At Juventas Services we champion a collaborative approach between our team, invested professionals and partner authorities to ensure children and young people are cared for and supported to achieve within safe living and learning environments.

Needs Assessment Ethos

We advocate that every child and young person deserves respect, and we give full consideration to each child and young person who requires a placement. We will never discriminate against a child or young person based on nationality, age, gender or sexual orientation; our Matching Process exclusively assesses whether we can meet a young person’s needs. Factors that we will always consider within this assessment are:

  • The needs of child and young person and the existing residents within a service;
  • Location risk assessment;
  • Qualifications, skills and experience of the existing staff team;
  • How familial/important relationships and agreed contact arrangements can be facilitated;
  • Consideration for multi-agency support including advocacy and specific therapies.

Emergency Placements

As our practice necessitates, we offer targeted support to the most vulnerable children and young people and those whose need may be immediate, we will also consider emergency referrals where the Regional Manager, Managing Director and the Registered Manager will work together to make an informed decision that acknowledges the needs of the service and its children and young people.

As trauma informed practitioners we will assess the need for the child and young person to be provided with a safe place to live alongside the potential for trauma that this move could cause for the young person or existing residents. 

We acknowledge that to offer support to children and young people in an emergency situation may result in key documentation within the matching process not being readily available. In this event, we will communicate effectively, and using the skills, knowledge and experience of the professionals within our service, and those of the placing authority, produce a safe, qualitative based assessment of need.

Following admission of a child or young person on an emergency basis we will work with local authorities to ensure we receive all relevant documentation as soon as possible and have a review within 72 hours to assess the suitability of the placement.