A Day in the Life

Joe - Team Manager

A typical day starts for me by responding to emails, calls and messages from young people, social care professionals and staff members. I make sure that all young people’s appointments are covered, that safeguarding issues take precedence and that the rota covers the needs of all the young people across the service. Requests from social workers can arrive at very short notice. These requests need prioritising alongside essential maintenance visits carried out by contractors, which need to be supervised.  

Once every fortnight Max (Team Manager) and I host a team meeting. Here we get a chance to share our concerns around young people, share jobs with the team that need completing and discuss other related matters. This is a chance to catch up with a team that is by nature “floating” and constantly on the move.  

Training is ongoing and so usually makes up part of my day. Additionally, I complete in house and council audits- which are often exhaustive.  These audits help to set minimum benchmarks of excellence in our service. 

I am expected to complete 60 staff supervisions a year (not including my own) so barely a week goes by where a supervision needs to be organised, completed and written up- but crucially it also needs to meaningful- this in itself can be demanding- but of course ultimately rewarding.  

Most days I visit our accommodations and speak with the young people. I consider requests, give guidance, warnings, support and offer encouragement.  

During the day I liaise with other professionals and look for interesting therapeutic activities and opportunities that our young people can undertake with limited or no budget. I support to keep a hard-working team motivated and focused. I am often reminded how important it is to let them know they are appreciated – their regular accomplishments do not go unnoticed.  

Samantha – Transitions Support Advisor with our UASC team

A typical day for me starts with me checking emails, daily logs, messages, and calls. This usually starts with a call or message from management telling me what is required throughout the day, responding to young people’s requests and concerns, Liaising with other staff members and social workers. I then plan where and when I will complete visits, prioritizing meetings, and appointments first. 

No day is ever the same and my daily plan doesn’t often run completely as expected. When I visit the young people, it can involve supporting them during a meeting, sitting down for a chat, helping to make and attend appointments, looking at future housing options, shopping, going out for a walk and sometimes attending therapeutic activities, such as an art days.  I am led by the young person’s wishes and needs on each day which is what makes my role exciting and rewarding.  

At the end of each day, I will update any safety information, key working sessions and complete daily logs. I will update management and staff of any concerns and achievements raised throughout the day,